My experience with the Polish health system


In Spain, we like to describe our country as “estado del bien estar”, that basically means that the government provides you with everything a human being needs for his develop and live. One of these things is a public and free health system that even if it has a lot of problems, we still consider the best in the world. That is the reason why near every time a Spaniard goes out the territory is worried about if he or she needs to go to a hospital an is charged with a huge amount of money, and that is why I am going to talk about my experience going to the doctor.

My first visit to a hospital was the first of January, I live in a 3 floors house, I felt downstairs and I dislocated my finger, so we can say that I didn’t start the year very good. I remember to be extremely tired and arrive the hospital around 6 am, after went through a big and creepy tent to make sure that I didn’t have COVID and 30 minutes of waiting I achieve to see a doctor. The visit was a little complicated because we didn’t have any language in common, I can not complain after all is not my country and I am the one that it has to adapt to my new home, but the doctor was great (not like my finger) and he did his best explaining to me what I had and to make sure I understand everything I needed to know. After this, I really thought that they would make me pay some money but it was completely free, and this when I realise that in Spain we really don’t know how the health system in other systems works, because as I say before we feel very proud of it so I someone want to even talk about other countries systems people will think that it will be destroyed and you want to see people be in bankrupt after a visit to the hospital.

After this experience I decided to investigate a little about other health systems, maybe the Spanish one wasn’t the best one as many people in my country has always thought, but in most of the ranking have checked on the internet is always in the top ten, so even if is not the best, I think that we are doing a quite good job. But something strange I saw is that some totally different systems like in Singapore or South Korea are actually quite well positioned, so maybe there is not only a single way to do it. And now I just think how amazing is that just some simple things like a free visit to a doctor can make you think what you considered an absolute truth it really wasn’t.


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