The Joshua Tree, tree of hope
The Joshua Tree, tree of hope

All is quiet today, still
Rainy and gray morning, rotten weather
Your soul also is gray
Nothing changes
Hangover, you wake up, cigarette in your mouth
Headache, you drag yourself out of bed
Like every day, nothing changes


New year’s resolutions: the Never Ending (Story) List

Wishes panel at Sylvester's party. Yes, written while drunk.
Wishes panel at Sylvester’s party. Yes, written while drunk.

When faced with the challenge of planning, or organizing, or simply making a list of things that need to be done I often find myself at a loss at first: what to choose? What to exclude? What if I don’t write something down and I forget it?

I am pretty sure you can hear me moaning in annoyance from afar.

So, why do this? Why sit down one random day of january (when this kind of stuff should have been done on the last days of december, on top of it!) to write a more or less long list of resolutions? Mostly, because I think it is fun: you prepare your nice piece of paper at the beginning of the year and then, at the end of it, you check for what has been accomplished and what has been not; then, at that point, you can have a good laugh with your friends because you wrote ridicoulous things like “ride to Fantasia on top of a white luckdragon”.

Of course you wrote that while still nursing the hangover from New Year’s Eve party, but that’s an irrilevant detail.

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Bezpłatne spotkania z kulturą i językiem hiszpańskim, francuskim, niemieckim, rosyjskim i angielskim – ankieta | 1-2020

Wolontariusze EVS 2019-2020
Wolontariusze EVS 2019-2020

W związku ze zbliżającym się zakończeniem pierwszej edycji bezpłatnych spotkań z językiem hiszpańskim, francuskim, niemieckim i angielskim, realizowanych w ramach projektu „EVS: Together = Furhter – Meet me in the library 2018–2019”  z programu „Erasmus+, zachęcamy Państwa do wypełnienia krótkiej ankiety oceniającej.

Zebrane w ten sposób dane pozwolą nam zapoznać się z Państwa opinią, dotyczącą przebiegu i organizacji spotkań. Państwa uwagi i sugestie umożliwią nam lepiej przygotować kolejne edycje zajęć. Ankieta jest anonimowa, a jej wypełnienie zajmie około 3 minut. Na Państwa odpowiedzi czekamy do 25 lutego 2020 r.

Kwestionariusz ankiety dla uczestników zajęć językowych EVS: hiszpański, francuski, niemiecki, rosyjski i angielski ⊃

Kwestionariusz ankiety dla uczestników pozostałych zajęć językowych: rosyjski i angielski ⊃


Sophie, coming home

Kraków Airport
Kraków Airport

We continue with this short series of writings about Carlo, Sophia, Helena and Jose and today is Sophia´s turn, a german girl who is living in Kraków. This Christmas she has come back to Nürnberg for the first time since she left home…

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Traveling across the Eastern Poland with a bike (Part 2)

Crossing moutains of Eastern Poland
Crossing mountains of Eastern Poland


After 12 days of adventure, I’m halfway through my cycling trip to Poland. My final destination, Krakow, is still far away. The twelfth day gave me big surprises. After the 140 km of this day, I have to recover quickly because tomorrow promises to be difficult.

I resume my story.

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