No barbecue, no party

As every year, Easter came and passed, leaving behind a trail of half eaten chocolate bunnies, weirdly painted eggs and, this time, a missed tradition (or two).

Just a couple of swans on the river
Just a couple of swans on the river

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Where is the winter?

Before coming here people were telling me: oh, you will become a snowman there, the temperatures are not higher than -9.

Weather in Kraków
Weather in Kraków

 But… with this lovely weather we have this week, I’m wondering, where is the winter?

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Volunteers singing Kolendy

Spotkanie „Świąteczne kolędowanie” | 16.01.2018
Spotkanie „Świąteczne kolędowanie” | 16.01.2018

Dear readers,

there we go with another blogpost about our lifes as volunteers in Kraków. By now, the winter really arrived, sometimes we have snow and sometimes it is cold (cold, that are minus degrees). It is already the middle of January, the time is always passing so fast! Also, Christmas is a month ago.

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December is full of love

Despite the fact that winter is here, this season is getting very warm thank you to all the people I’m surrender by.

Jestem szczęśliwa!

Winter in Kraków
Winter in Kraków

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five generations of volunteers

Do you know the volunteers from the last years, who worked in the public libary in Kraków? Last weekend some ex-volunteers came back to Krakow for a few days.

Volunteers rajska
current and former volunteers of Rajska library

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