Volunteering at the Regional Public Library in Krakow | 2021-2022

Volunteering at the Regional Public Library in Krakow | 2021-2022
Volunteering at the Regional Public Library in Krakow | 2021-2022

The Regional Public Library in Krakow is urgently looking for people from abroad interested in volunteering. Volunteers will teach English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. Volunteers conducts these activities and they have an excellent opportunity to promote their own culture by organizing and participating in the many cultural events.

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Road trip to Bukowina and Morskie Oko

During these months in Poland I made some good friends with which I spent some beautiful moments together and with which I have a very good relation. For example, last week we decided to go to Bukowina for a couple of days to visit the nature and in particular Morskie Oko. Firs, we booked two rooms in a nice cozy hostel for a very convenient price. I was really nice and comfortable, in a very beautiful location but also quite hard to reach by public transportation. Fortunately, we had a car, so this was not a problem for us at all.


We arrived in the hostel quite late the first day, so we just decided to buy some food, eat, talk a little and go to sleep. It was a good exercise for my Polish too, as they were also speaking Polish sometimes and they were helping me learn new words and sentences.

On the second day, we woke up early in the morning and went directly to Morskie Oko. The weather was not particularly great, with occasional precipitations and strong wind.  But we decided to walk there nevertheless. It was a cold and long walk and the more we walked up the mountain, the more snow we were able to see in front of us.

Once we arrived there, we say the lake frozen. The sight was absolutely amazing. It was the first time I was seeing something like that. A lot of people there were admiring the landscape and walking on the frozen lake! I know it sounds particularly dangerous, but there was a specific path with ticker ice where you could safely walk on. After taking some beautiful pictures and relaxing a little, we turned around and went back down to our car.

As it was a very long and psychically demanding day, we decided to do something more relaxing for the evening. we prepared a barbecue with delicious food and just talked until we were too tired to continue.

The third day was our last. After waking up very late in the morning, we took the car and drove back home, but only after a quick stop for a glass of delicious hot wine to warm us up! Here’s a video of the lake. Unfortunately the quality is not that great, but enjoy it nevertheless.