The Joshua Tree, tree of hope
The Joshua Tree, tree of hope

All is quiet today, still
Rainy and gray morning, rotten weather
Your soul also is gray
Nothing changes
Hangover, you wake up, cigarette in your mouth
Headache, you drag yourself out of bed
Like every day, nothing changes


The Book Fair ‚2014


The EXPO Building
The EXPO Building

In my first post I want tot tell you about one of my first steps in my working life as a volunteer. I visited the „Krakow Book Fair” at the Expo. At first I was very impressed and excited to visit a new kind of fair, because normally I am going to car fairs, especially the IAA in Frankfurt, Germany. I really thought that the size would be like this, but I was wrong. The fair was a very very small one, even it was the biggest book fair in whole Poland, because I know different dimensions from Germany. It was really the smallest fair I have ever visited, and so I was a little bit sad, because I expected more than two tiny exhibition halls. But at fist I have to tell you, that I have been there two times (thursday and friday), and on thursday it was very hard to find the right place, even we have used the app „Jakdojade”. There was no street sign with the name „EXPO” or any kind of advise for „Targi Ksiaszki” so maybe the planners should think about this kind of information for people who don’t know how to get there, because they are not from Krakow. So we were walking for around 45mins trying to find the right place. Even some of the citizens we asked didn’t know exactly where the EXPO is. On friday I had no problems with finding the right place! Yiha!

My impressions about the book fair are, that you can’t really compare to the „Frankfurter Buchmesse” (Frankfurt Book Fair) which is actually the biggest one in the whole world I guess, but for Poland it is OK, because the fair in Frankfurt is more international, with that I mean not only the visitors, but also the authors. It was nice to meet some new people, and inform about new books, and I was really interested in meeting some people. I went to the exhibition stand of „Leuchtturm 1917”, a German brand (they are making calendars and notebooks, it is worth to take a look at the things they are selling) I really like, and met there one of the bosses, who was a very nice guy. When I arrived on thursday I was standing in front of their booth, and just listening to what they were talking about (there were two guys, the boss, and his polish business partner, the „polish boss”), because they didn’t knew, that I am able to understand everything. After a while I asked for the price of a notebook (I asked in German), and they were so confused about that, so they don’t even realized that I was talking German to them, haha! After that I started talking with them for around 30mins about Poland and Krakow, but then I left, because I wanted to visit some other booths. (On Friday I met them again, and we were talking for more than one hour, which was very nice, because they were very interested in the work I am doing in the library and my family background).

All in all the book fair was a nice new experience, even I am a little bit sad of the size, and the fact that it was more like a big event for selling many books. I think now, that I have to visit the Frankfurter Buchmesse, to see if it is similar to Krakow or not.

17th Book Fair in Kraków/ 17. Targi Książki w Krakowie

Being volunteer in a library can bring you great opportunities... We had the chance to visit a big book fair in the city, 17. Targi Książki w Krakowie, in order to explore it, enjoy the fair finally write a post about our impressions.

One of us said that in case you  do not speak Polish, you will be able to visit all the stands in just one hour . But if you like photograpy, or any kind of visual art, you don’t have to be an expert in Slavic languages- in this case even three hours won’t be enough. The fair was full of people. Some of them were trying to find some good discount, others  were just looking around. You could see children and mothers reading books together,living fairy tales, such as princesses and magicians next to professors, looking for new literature talents. Apart from that we could find really kind people in some of the stands :They informed us about books in different foreign languages (Marie was even talking in German!) or about the mission of their cultural organization.Actually it is fair to say, that the fair was not only about Krakow’s bookshops. We could find information   Theatres, Museum and even television. Somehow this first experience showed us again what this city really is about: It is, indeed, a city full of culture.

Marie took these amazing pictures in the book fair, enjoy!