A common question that an EVS volunteer get in December is: are you going back home for the holidays?? My answer was always the same: absolutely not.

EVS Sylwester
EVS Sylwester

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December is full of love

Despite the fact that winter is here, this season is getting very warm thank you to all the people I’m surrender by.

Jestem szczęśliwa!

Winter in Kraków
Winter in Kraków

Czytaj dalej December is full of love

five generations of volunteers

Do you know the volunteers from the last years, who worked in the public libary in Kraków? Last weekend some ex-volunteers came back to Krakow for a few days.

Volunteers rajska
current and former volunteers of Rajska library

Czytaj dalej five generations of volunteers

Sweet November

Cosy sweater, hot chocolate, leaves changing colour, nice smelling candles…            Autumn is here!

Autum days are made for drinking hot chocolate
Autumn days are made for drinking hot chocolate

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Tydzień filmu niemieckiego

Dear readers, liebe Leser (deutsche Version unten)

are you interested into german movies? If yes, take the chance to see one of the seven movies, which can be seen between Friday, 10.11.2017 and 16.11.17 in kino ARS in ul. Św. Tomasza 11

Logo Tydzień Filmu Niemieckiego
Logo Tydzień Filmu Niemieckiego

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