Poisson d’avril : a French tradition


Do you know French traditions? What is the link between a fish and April 1st? Today I will explain all that to you.

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Leaving mark 2.0: Erasmus

Did you like the first post and would you like to know more about Erasmus? Keep reading!

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Leaving mark 3.0: Country presentations

Finally, besides of EVS and Erasmus, I also invited some other volunteers to my basic English class for seniors. If you want to know what we did, keep reading!

Georgia flag with Greece flag on a grunge cracked wall

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A weekend in Germany

Potsdamer Platz
Potsdamer Platz

Hello everyone ! Living abroad is an extraordinary and rewarding experience. We can meet new people, discover new cultures but also travel in the surrounding countries. I had the chance to got to Germany for a few days to discover Berlin, let me tell you about my trip.

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Volunteers Day

International Volunteers Day 2018
International Volunteers Day 2018

Established in 1996 as a pilot program by the European Commission, EVS has so far enabled more than 100,000 young volunteers to contribute to a cause they believe in.

Like every year, Volunteers Day is a chance to get together and celebrate volunteering.

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Languages in Contact: Spanglish and Llanito | Języki w komunikacji: Espanglish i Spanglish | 12-2018

Do you know about languages in contact? Do you know that we can have a mix of languages in this case? Have you heard about Espanglish or Spanglish? And what about Llanito? Do you know that in Gibraltar they have their own language, and not only English and Spanish are spoken? Do you think language build the identity of one person?

If you would like to find an answer to these questions, and know more about this topic, you are invited to come to the workshop: Languages in Contact: Spanglish and Llanito given by volunteer from Spain Alvaro Marinero.

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