Rzeszów: stolica Podkarpacia

Rynek w Rzeszowie
Rynek w Rzeszowie

After writing about cities like Kraków, Wilno or Poznań i would like to tell you in this blog post more about a part of Poland and its capital city which is not as known as the others but also worth to visit: Rzeszów- the capital city of Subcarpathia region.

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The Joshua Tree, tree of hope
The Joshua Tree, tree of hope

All is quiet today, still
Rainy and gray morning, rotten weather
Your soul also is gray
Nothing changes
Hangover, you wake up, cigarette in your mouth
Headache, you drag yourself out of bed
Like every day, nothing changes


Traveling across the Eastern Poland with a bike (Part 2)

Crossing moutains of Eastern Poland
Crossing mountains of Eastern Poland


After 12 days of adventure, I’m halfway through my cycling trip to Poland. My final destination, Krakow, is still far away. The twelfth day gave me big surprises. After the 140 km of this day, I have to recover quickly because tomorrow promises to be difficult.

I resume my story.

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Carlo, Welcome to Cracow

Rynek w Krakowie

6 months ago when I was working as an engineer in my birthplace, Valencia, I could not imagine that I will be teaching Spanish and English in a city as Krakow. But here we are, in a country with a new language that I would like to learn, sharing flat and life with other volunteers and living one of the most important experiences in my life.

In the next posts I’m going to tell you 4 stories. Their main characters are Carlo, Sofia, Helena and Jose. I wish you enjoy. Would you like to join me to meet Carlo?

Czytaj dalej Carlo, Welcome to Cracow

Sara lost in Poland: take one.

November is here and it’s time for me to write my first entry.

I have been in Kraków nearly for a month and a half and so far it has been a blur of clothes strewn everywhere, meetings and workshops, and trying not to get lost in a big city.

Main Square
Main Square

Which happened twice, thanks to my poor sense of direction.

Czytaj dalej Sara lost in Poland: take one.