The Joshua Tree, tree of hope
The Joshua Tree, tree of hope

All is quiet today, still
Rainy and gray morning, rotten weather
Your soul also is gray
Nothing changes
Hangover, you wake up, cigarette in your mouth
Headache, you drag yourself out of bed
Like every day, nothing changes


Not Goodbye but See you Soon

And Gabriel Garcia Marquez said „No llores porque ya se terminó… sonríe, porque sucedió” in English, don’t cry because it is finished… smile, because it happened. This is what I am gonna do, smile for what all happened during my EVS. If you want to know more about my experience, watch the following video and keep reading!

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Leaving mark 3.0: Country presentations

Finally, besides of EVS and Erasmus, I also invited some other volunteers to my basic English class for seniors. If you want to know what we did, keep reading!

Georgia flag with Greece flag on a grunge cracked wall

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Language Shock | 11-2018

Language Shock
Language Shock

Hello everyone!!

I think it is time to write already, don’t you think so?

I have been here one month already. Time flies. As you imagine, usually when you go abroad, at the beginning you have to overcome the cultural shock. During this first month you need to get used to this new country, its culture, its people and its language. This last thing is what I am going to talk about it.  As you know I am very interested in languages, so I think it would be a interesting topic!

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Where is the winter?

Before coming here people were telling me: oh, you will become a snowman there, the temperatures are not higher than -9.

Weather in Kraków
Weather in Kraków

 But… with this lovely weather we have this week, I’m wondering, where is the winter?

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