Not Goodbye but See you Soon

And Gabriel Garcia Marquez said „No llores porque ya se terminó… sonríe, porque sucedió” in English, don’t cry because it is finished… smile, because it happened. This is what I am gonna do, smile for what all happened during my EVS. If you want to know more about my experience, watch the following video and keep reading!

Czytaj dalej Not Goodbye but See you Soon


Last trip of this adventure: Israel

Tel Aviv Skyscrapers
Tel Aviv Skyscrapers

This is coming to an end, but before coming back to Spain, I and Camille, my dear travel companion, went to Israel. I had been thinking for a long time about going there. Now, I made it, and after this trip, I am happy I did it. I have no words for it.

Czytaj dalej Last trip of this adventure: Israel

Leaving mark: EVS

One of the main goals in this project was to leave a mark, and not only teach them Spanish language and culture. Do you want to know what I did in the last lessons at my work? If you want to know more, keep reading!

Volunteers and  former volunteer together with students. English lesson.

Czytaj dalej Leaving mark: EVS

Leaving mark 3.0: Country presentations

Finally, besides of EVS and Erasmus, I also invited some other volunteers to my basic English class for seniors. If you want to know what we did, keep reading!

Georgia flag with Greece flag on a grunge cracked wall

Czytaj dalej Leaving mark 3.0: Country presentations