Helena, change after change

Wall art
Wall art

So, today it’s time to meet Helena, who in the last months has experienced some changes in her life. Would she be able to adapt to the new situation?

Czytaj dalej Helena, change after change

Sophie, coming home

Kraków Airport
Kraków Airport

We continue with this short series of writings about Carlo, Sophia, Helena and Jose and today is Sophia´s turn, a german girl who is living in Kraków. This Christmas she has come back to Nürnberg for the first time since she left home…

Czytaj dalej Sophie, coming home

Carlo, Welcome to Cracow

Rynek w Krakowie

6 months ago when I was working as an engineer in my birthplace, Valencia, I could not imagine that I will be teaching Spanish and English in a city as Krakow. But here we are, in a country with a new language that I would like to learn, sharing flat and life with other volunteers and living one of the most important experiences in my life.

In the next posts I’m going to tell you 4 stories. Their main characters are Carlo, Sofia, Helena and Jose. I wish you enjoy. Would you like to join me to meet Carlo?

Czytaj dalej Carlo, Welcome to Cracow