First half of EVS done: my thoughts and hopes.

Polish lesson of the day: I.NEED.SHOES.
Polish lesson of the day: I.NEED.SHOES.

I am writing this post a bit earlier than expected, due to the fact that I will be gone from Kraków for two weeks at least: I will travel to Gdańsk in a couple of days, and then from there to Toruń for the midterm training, and finally I will fly to Sardinia to visit family and celebrate Carnival season (do expect mentions of this festivity in the next post).

I am currently busy with preparing the classes for the next session at the library: starting from march I will take care of five courses (three of italian, two of english) and brand new students, among which there will be mums with their babies and, apparently, a bunch of very active elementary aged kids.

Wish me good luck (and patience).

I will not waltz around the subject of this post: these months have been exausting, they have tested my ability to adapt beyond limits, and there has been more than once when I seriously thought that I would not have been able to cope. It has been confirmed that I need quite the time to process things and fight with obstacles during the way…but this does not mean that I cannot do it.

I think the best thing I learned has been to not stress over any matter, and that there is always a solution to everything, even if maybe it’s not the ideal one. I also have to say that I am very proud of the improving of my student, and this comforts me a lot.

All in all, I am happy on how things have turned out to be, and I am excited for the next session.

Not quite ready, but I am working on it.

As for my goals list, I still have to find new shoes (the rain is not helping), my photos are horrible as always, but luckily something really unexpected and wonderful has happened: I found a good idea for my fantasy novel.

Baby plot *_*
Baby plot *_*

It is still a teeny tiny baby plot bunny, but I sort of built the foundation. Of course I have no idea if this story will come into existence, but if it really does, I do not plan it to be consisting of more than one book.

One is enough for an aspirant writer, in my opinion: a trilogy, ever the classic when talking about fantasy, would definately be too much for my beginner skill level’s.

I do not have much more to write about I’m afraid: I will get back to work and to prepare my suitcase.

You have no idea how much stuff a young woman needs in her travels.


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