The Joshua Tree, tree of hope
The Joshua Tree, tree of hope

All is quiet today, still
Rainy and gray morning, rotten weather
Your soul also is gray
Nothing changes
Hangover, you wake up, cigarette in your mouth
Headache, you drag yourself out of bed
Like every day, nothing changes

Today, you say shit
Shit to this dog life
Why keep trying
When all is lost
I see something stupid in your thoughts
You are thinking about the end today
You want to leave
Destroy something big in your moment of surrender

You think that all the beautiful things are now lost
And that is not time to fight anymore
In a little while, you think you will get rid of your pain

I know the world is stupid
But please don’t become it too
Why didn’t you say anything?
Your silence is killing you
Your silence will kill us
Don’t make me cry

I have a question for the child you was before
Are you kind enough to be reasonable?
I would like to tell this child that hope still exists
Even in the middle of nowhere, we can find it
Look at Joshua’s Tree
Proof that there is still a little hope
In the middle of the desert
I believe you can resist
I can see it

Wake up, I can feel hope in the ruins of your life
Even if the people around you look at you with misunderstanding
Ignore it
Just open your eyes, you can see those who love you, look at them!
But you see, look at them! You’re not alone

Hope is there, you’re not far, run away
Leave behind, leave behind the darkness in you
Stand up, look at the sky, listen to it, feel this hope, it’s your fight
Don’t lose your faith, take a look inside
You can now see something visible

I like this metaphor
That life is like a magic pencil
You can erase what you write forever
Or correct and rewrite it
I want you to correct love
You have not understood
Love is not what you’re thinking of
Love is big
Because it is not about them, there are only us
Love is bigger than anything in its way

Hold on, know that even in the deepest darkness, there is light
And where there is light there is hope
You can see the light where it has always been
There is a light, don’t let it go out

This is a poem for someone like you
Someone like you
Someone like you


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