New year’s resolutions: the Never Ending (Story) List

Wishes panel at Sylvester's party. Yes, written while drunk.
Wishes panel at Sylvester’s party. Yes, written while drunk.

When faced with the challenge of planning, or organizing, or simply making a list of things that need to be done I often find myself at a loss at first: what to choose? What to exclude? What if I don’t write something down and I forget it?

I am pretty sure you can hear me moaning in annoyance from afar.

So, why do this? Why sit down one random day of january (when this kind of stuff should have been done on the last days of december, on top of it!) to write a more or less long list of resolutions? Mostly, because I think it is fun: you prepare your nice piece of paper at the beginning of the year and then, at the end of it, you check for what has been accomplished and what has been not; then, at that point, you can have a good laugh with your friends because you wrote ridicoulous things like “ride to Fantasia on top of a white luckdragon”.

Of course you wrote that while still nursing the hangover from New Year’s Eve party, but that’s an irrilevant detail.

Anyway, nowadays we have blessed World Wide Web, and not only we can find good tips on how to do the perfect list, with all the pretty design and stickers, but we also have tutorials on “how to” basically…everything.

So no more excuses when people say that your life is boring and you have to find yourself an hobby.

Here I hereby present you my awesome index, complete with drunken ramblings.

Which I can’t find in the list itself anymore, they probably got mixed up with everything else and…well, let’s get down to business:

Number 1: learn Polish language. I am already in the process of this, so I think it’s not something impossible, BUT: others volunteers say otherwise; locals don’t know if laugh or cry when I say I want to learn; my students are too busy cursing my own language’s grammar (I do that too so it is ok) to help. Stay tuned for the outcome.

Number 2: buy new shoes without spending a fortune. Dear Krakòw has DESTROYED my shoes. Now, truth to be told my sneakers got ripped on the inside in Warszawa, my good pair of vintage heels were six (seven???) years old and pretty much ready to go to the heaven of beloved shoes, but my winter boots that I can nicely combine with everything I wear? These ones have began to say goodbye during these past two weeks and I am speechless. I walk a lot, but still?

Number 3: write, write, write. I know I sound logorroic from my posts on this blog (spoiler: I AM), but when it comes to put my ideas black on white? Void. Total void. Fact is, I love fantasy and I would like to come up with an extraordinary plot, seal it in a book, publish it and become rich. Problem is, after centuries of incredible stories, what’s more to tell? For now, I think I will just stick with practicing and keeping my plot bunnies safe.

Number 4: find a job. This should be on top of the list, but whatever. I live in Italy, people. I am afraid that’s not much else to add on this statement.

Number 5: reading at least half of the books I want to read. I say HALF because of course I have a separate list for books. It went from me recording on a strip of paper just the original title of La collina dei conigli (Watership Down by Richard Adams), in order to remember it, to an entire page stolen from my mom’s weekly journal full of nightmerish titles. Please, I need help.

Number 6: paint and embroider. When I was in middle school I knew how to do both. Then the italian school system devoured my time and I had to quit these hobbies. It makes me sad and I don’t like to be sad, so I will paint and embroider again. And with the help of Youtube tutorials, I think it will be easier.

Number 7: take more pictures and fixing my Instagram. I apologize for the lack of photos in this post beside the only one on top, and I promise I will try and make my smartphone camera work as it should to take cute pictures. Also, I have had an Instagram account for some time but I never posted on it, so I believe it is time to really live in 2020 and have followers etcetera. Let’s see how this goes.

For now, I think that’s it. But I may add other things next month if I come up with something else. I wish you all a good start of the year, with the hope that you have fun and find good people to have fun with.


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