Poisson d’avril : a French tradition


Do you know French traditions? What is the link between a fish and April 1st? Today I will explain all that to you.

Why do you make Poisson d’avril?

April 1st in France is the day of jokes. The tradition is to stick a paper fish in the back of a friend. But where does this tradition come from?

Poisson d'avril
Poisson d’avril

It is possible that everything began in the 16th century, at that time in France the year does not start the same day in all regions, for some it is spring, for others at Easter, or at the beginning of April. In 1564, King Charles IX declared that January 1st will be the 1st day of the year in all France. The news is spreading slowly and many people continue to offer gifts to celebrate the new year that they still believe to be early April. This date also corresponds to the end of Lent, a date during Christians do not eat meat, so they offer themselves fish. So to make fun of their mistake some offer them fake fish on April 1, and gradually it becomes a tradition.

1er avril
1er avril

As time goes on this custom evolves, the media and some companies begin to invent fake news. In 1965 a newspaper announced that all dogs must be painted white in order to be seen at night. And in 2004 a famous brand of cakes makes believe that it sells biscuits stuffed with broccoli. Poisson d’avril also means making a joke.

And you? What are the traditions in your country?



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