Hiking in Zakopane

Spring is finally here, time to enjoy the beautiful nature in Krakow’s sorroundings! Keep reading if you want to know more about my weekend in Zakopane and a nice route for hiking.

Last weekend, I visited Zakopane for the second time. The first time it was just for a day, winter and very cold. So we decided to go to one of the thermal baths around the town, („chochołowskie termy“). It was really nice and relaxing but I wanted to be more active this time.

So we informed ourselves before arriving about good routes for hiking. In the end, we decided to walk up to the top of mountain „Nosal“, that is 1206 meters high.

view on the way – and that’s not even the top yet!

Starting from the famous Rondo in Zakopane, the whole route takes around 2.5 hours but we made a lot of stops in between to enjoy the stunning view, so it took us a whole afternoon.

Even if the kilometres of the way are not many, you climb a lot of height meters in this short distance so if you don’t have the best fitness level (like me) you might need some breaks not only for the nice view 😉


If you like hiking and you get the chance to visit Zakopane, I highly recommend this route to you. It is not too long, the view on the Tatra is constantly amazing and you don’t have as many people there as in other parts of Zakopane, I think there were just three more people on top of the mountain when we arrived.

To get to the right way, you go to the Rondo, walk past the Bar Mlezny and the gas station to a small path next to the river Bystra until you reach a little house where you have to pay some taxes for entering the national park (I think it was 5 zloty). After that, you just follow the green signs marking the way up to the mountain.

The day after, we decided to relax a little more and took one of the many busses from the city centre in Zakopane to Kuznice. From there, we went up the mountain Kasprowy Wierch with the cable car. On top, we enjoyed hopefully the last snow for this year. As you see, the view is absolutely amazing, but the price you pay for going up and down is really high (a little more then 60 zloty), so it makes sense to think twice if that’s worth it for you. Oh and another useful tipp – don’t wear summer Sneakers on top, definitely not a good idea and we learned it the hard way 😉.

winter feelings on top of Kasprowy Wierch

All together it were wonderful and active two days in Zakopane that I’m sure I will remember for a long time. Plus, hopefully it was the last use of my big winter coat for a long time too.


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