Leaving mark 2.0: Erasmus

Did you like the first post and would you like to know more about Erasmus? Keep reading!

On the 2nd session, we talked about Erasmus. In this session, Anna, a volunteer from Armenia, who is doing now an EVS here working in a special school,  and did Erasmus in Poznan share her experience. Furthermore, besides of my experience in Finland, I shared the interviews which I did to some friends; Petra, one of my best friends of my Erasmus; and Katja, Finnish girl who did Erasmus in my home university. Again, I am very thankful for your participation and help. It was so nice to be able to count with your help!

Anna, I and students (from right to left)

After her visit, Anna told us something. She really enjoyed her visit here and had some words for us; ”Last Saturday I was invited to talk about my Erasmus experience in a library where Álvaro works. I liked the positive atmosphere of the class and it was a pleasure to meet these bright young people. I hope my presentation made a good impression on them.”

Erasmus is  is a European Union (EU) student exchange programme that allows students to study in another country or do different internships for some time (1 or 2 semesters). While students live and study in another country, they receive some money as a help. Erasmus is that famous that we can find this topic in some films such as L’auberge espagnole. Also, we can find a trailer for Erasmus. Here you are:


I have to say that for me, my Erasmus in Finland was the best experience of my life so far. I lived in a very different country to Spain, much colder and darker during the winter. However, weather was not a problem. I did a lot of things, meet a lot of people, travel to a lot of places and live an incredible experience. I could continue writing about my Erasmus, but otherwise I would not finish in long time.

What do you think after all? Would you like to live an experience like this or are you still doubting? If you are still doubting, stop thinking and apply for Erasmus. It will be the best experience of your life!!



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