Leaving mark 3.0: Country presentations

Finally, besides of EVS and Erasmus, I also invited some other volunteers to my basic English class for seniors. If you want to know what we did, keep reading!

Georgia flag with Greece flag on a grunge cracked wall

Last Tuesday it was my last English class. To finish this English course, I wanted to do something special and different, and after learn and study some dialogues and vocabulary for travelling, and teach them something about Spain,  it was a great idea that students could learn about other countries and cultures and not only about Spain.

Three volunteers came and talked about their countries. Lasha and Ana from Georgia; and Ellie from Greece. Furthermore, I talked about Scotland, since I was working there for two summers. Again, I would like to thank you for your participation. It was really cool and very nice to get to know more about your countries and your culture.

Ellie, Anna, I and Lasha together with students (from left to right)

After this presentation, I have to say that many people know Greece and know about Athens, Mykonos, Santorini or Rhodes. One point to add about Greece is that it is not just beach, there are many more things than beach or Acropolis in Athens. However, on the other side, not that many people know about Georgia and Georgia is a very small country that has a lot to offer. In the following videos, you can see more about these two countries:

And one of the best things is that very soon I will go to Georgia, so it is so cool to know more about this country just two weeks before going there. Now, I really look forward to go there and I am super excited.

If you miss my travel posts, do not worry. I will write soon more posts about travelling, of course. I will write about Georgia, so you can read about my experience there. Stay tuned!!




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