Volunteers Day

International Volunteers Day 2018
International Volunteers Day 2018

Established in 1996 as a pilot program by the European Commission, EVS has so far enabled more than 100,000 young volunteers to contribute to a cause they believe in.

Like every year, Volunteers Day is a chance to get together and celebrate volunteering.

On Wednesday, December 5, we organized Volunteers day. With STRIM volunteers, we gathered to celebrate. We were about 30 volunteers to participate in this special day, many of us performed small shows, it was also the opportunity to meet, to discuss and have fun.

Sariyya is the volunteer who works within the STRIM organization, she animated the evening brilliantly.
The volunteers have many talents, they made a great show !

Joao and Ana come from Spain, they performed a traditional Spanish dance.
Ana comes from Georgia she performed a traditional Georgian dance.
Joao and Sophie sang the anthem of this year.


STRIM volunteers
STRIM volunteers


Gianluca and Mateo come from Italy they showed us their amazing voices.
Laura comes from Romania, she performed a beautiful song also.
Isacco and Bernie performed a very impressive breakdance and rap duo!

We also received bags with a logo created by our very talented volunteers!

STRIM volunteers
STRIM volunteers

This evening allowed us to discover the hidden talents of volunteers, to have a good time with friends and especially to be proud of our volunteer mission!



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