Culture sharing workshop

Dzień dobry, everyone.
This time, we would like to invite you to a workshop we will have in the library this Friday, at 17:00, about culture sharing.

volunteers that might participate
volunteers that might participate

The idea is very easy: you will have the chance to talk, for just a few minutes, about one thing from your country that can be considered weird or funny (for example, I will explain a bit of Italian hand gestures). For this event, we will have other EVS volunteers from other countries than just Italy.

If you are just curious, you can also come just as „audience” and listen to what other people have to share. If you will want to show something, we will have a laptop and a projector ready. The whole thing will last depending on how many people will want to share something, but anyway not more than around one hour.
So, to sum up:
In the library on Rajska (big white building)
Room 245 (second floor on the right, but we will probably have someone at the entrance to help you with that)
At 17:00
Open to everyone, even if you just want to listen.

Because of the many nationalities (hopefully) involved, the event will be completely in English.



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