New EVS Volunteers in the Regional Public Library in Krakow 2016-2017

Cześć! Hello! ¡Hola! Hallo! Salut!

Wolontariusze EVS 2016

We are Alberto, Margaux and Paul, the new EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers in the Regional Public Library in Kraków. We started our volunteering project in Kraków on the 1st of October, and we will teach our mother tongues (French, German, Spanish and English) in the library until the 30th of June.

Reading this blog you will have the opportunity to know about the library, our work here, life as a volunteer, or living in a foreign country. If you want to know more about us and our work/projects feel free to ask or come to the library. We will be pleased to meet you!

Now let us introduce ourselves:


Helena: ¡Buenos días! My name is Helena, I am 23 years old and I come from Vigo, in Galicia, in the north west of Spain, close to Portugal. I will be teaching Spanish to kids, adults and seniors. I am very excited and motivated with this project because I actually want to show you the Spanish culture and language in a very entertaining way! I like listening to music, watching movies and reading, so that is the reason why I love this project, teaching Spanish in the Library! I hope I will see many of you in my Spanish lessons! See you! ¡Hasta pronto!


Paul: Guten Tag, my name is Paul Naumann, I am 18 years old and come from Bad Oeynhausen, a little town in the north-west Germany with ~50.000 inhabitants. If you want to get some visiual impressions of my city you should watch this short video, my friend Sören and me prepared. I am excited to teach seniors, adults and teenager my mother tongue and teenager english. I will bring you closer to the German culture and also improve your language skills! Hopefully, I will welcome many of you in my classes! Bis demnächst! Auf Wiedersehen!


Margaux: Salut tout le monde,

My name is Margaux, and as you can see at the beginning of my presentation I’m French. I come from the west of France, not far from Saint-Malo and Rennes. I’m 20 years old almost 21 (next month), so it will be the first that I’m not with my family to enjoy this day. But it’s ok because now I have a second one, EVS family. What else can I say about me, I have a degree in History and Heritage, so I love museum, castle and every monuments like that. I love to travel, discovered some new country, people. Since I’m a little girl I dream about other countries and culture so it was obvious for me to do an EVS and mainly live in an other country for real, not just be a tourist.

Like everyone else I like to listen music, specially psyche one, I like movies, series, book etc.

I think it is enough for now, so see you soon at the library!

A bientôt !



Hola! My name is Alberto, I am from Spain, I come from Andalusia (in the south of Spain) I’m 27 years old and in the next months, I will teach spanish in the Regional Public Library in Kraków to adults . Also I would like to show you everything about my country and my culture! I will try to make it in a funny and interesting way! Also I’d like to tell you  many curiosities about Spain and answer all your questions! A small part of Spain is waiting for you in the Regional Public Library in Kraków. See you there!  Nos vemos!




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